Peekaboo Bear
Peekaboo Bear

Peekaboo Bear

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Peek-a-boo, I see you!” Press his foot and our sweet honey brown bear engages baby in a lively game of peek-a-boo. He moves his furry arms up and down, covering and uncovering his face with his little blanket.
  • Embroider the blanket to make it personal
  • Includes three AA batteries.
  • Measures 11-1/2”H.
  • Bear sayings include: "Hi Baby, Peek-a-boo is the most fun with you", "Where did you go?", "Peek-a-boo I found you", "Hi sweetie Pie", "Where did you go", "Here I am", "Hello Baby", "Again again", "Let’s keep playing".
  • Bear's mouth moves as he says 10 different phrases to your baby
  • Plays for about 40 seconds
  • Plush bear will raise and lower blanket when foot is pressed

Please specify color preference if personalizing the blanket.